Biotechnology Magazine

Biotechnology Magazine is an open access peer reviewed International Journal. Biotechnology Magazine publishes full papers, short communications and reviews on novel and innovative aspects of biotechnology. The Journal Covers animal, environmental, industrial, microbial, medical, and agricultural biotechnology, bioinformatics, and socio-legal and ethical aspects in biotechnology.

The following areas are covered in the Journal:

  • Nucleic Acids/Molecular Biology
  • Analytical biotechnology and the human genome
  • Genetic engineering and cloning
  • Bioinformatics and system biology
  • Physiology/Biochemistry
  • Biochemical Engineering/Bioprocess Engineering
  • Bioremediation and biodegradation
  • Industrial Processes/New Products
  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Cancer and stem cell research
  • Agro- and Food Biotechnology
  • Biodiversity and biodiscovery
  • Biomarkers and biosensors
  • Biorobotics and biotoxins